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The Nonprofit Environment Has Changed

Community needs are growing in size and diversity.

  • More nonprofits are competing for government and philanthropic funds.
  • Traditional forms of funding are becoming smaller and less reliable.
  • New for-profit businesses are competing with nonprofits to serve community needs.
  • Funders and donors are demanding more accountability.

In the face of this new reality, an increasing number of forward-looking nonprofits are beginning to appreciate the increased revenue, focus and effectiveness that can come from adopting "for profit" business approaches. Increasingly, they are reinventing themselves as social entrepreneurs, combining "the passion of a social mission with an image of business-like discipline, innovation, and determination."

BC Centre for Social Enterprise defines Social Enterprise as, "A Social economy enterprise operates like a business, produces goods and services for the market, but manages its operations and redirects its surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental goals.

Social enterprise has six defining characteristics:

  • Having a social purpose or purposes.
  • Achieving the social purpose by, at least in part, engaging in trade in the marketplace.
  • Not distributing profits to individuals.
  • Holding assets and wealth in trust for community benefit.
  • Democratically involving members of its constituency in the governance of the organization.
  • Being independent organizations accountable to a defined constituency and to the wider community.

In today’s competitive and volatile world, your challenges are:

  • Greater accountability on financial and management performance
  • Difficulty in attracting and retaining quality paid management; challenges in planning, organizing, financial management
  • Falling or stagnant revenues, with limited sources of new funds
  • Devolution: which means, trend of cutbacks in federal funding to non-profits
  • Unpredictable investments and contributions

  We can help you achieve your goals by providing:

  • Financial performance assessments and improvement
  • Business model assessment
  • Business, financial and strategic planning
  • Contingency planning (financial, staffing and program)
  • Budget projections and cash flow management
  • Internal controls evaluation and improvement
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Grant writing and planned giving

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